So none of you can say I’m actually selling these songs, I present to you:

The Cheat Sheet

You dirty dirty little cheater, you.

1. Boredgames (prod. MERCYKILL)

Treasure Hunt Solution

2. Glass Corpses (prod. MERCYKILL)

Word puzzle solution

3. Cold Hearts (Bullets in my Eyes) ft. MERCYKILL (prod. Diaboli)

4. Pathetic Fuck (prod. Mercykill x Adjacen7)

5. Better Dreams ft. KillSJ (prod. Diaboli)


Blood Money Sugar (prod. MERCYKILL)

Everyone Gets Fucked Up (prod. NEPTUNE ネプチューン)

Furnace ft. HYVNG LVRD (prod. Ardent Science)

Wrong With Me (Dead by my Own Hand) [prod. YVNG DXTR]

Scared ft. John Dahlia and Cody Socio (prod. 7.A.M.)